Greenfield Wireless Cell Sites

Next-gen network infrastructure building in new Greenfield locations to deliver high bandwidth services

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Rapid Deployment Network Infrastructure


We provide end-to-end network services for telecom operators to expand their business, and hence strengthen the coverage and signals of their networks through planning, designing, supplying, installing state-of-the-art network infrastructure solutions. We establish Greenfield towers and cell sites in rural areas that are designed with higher flexibility, safety, and technological standards to handle heavy mobile traffic without compromising the quality of service.

Our team of certified technicians and engineers has the technologies and know-how to provide tailored solutions that meet your business requirements and needs, while keeping costs low.

Delivering services in less time

High-quality and durable materials to withstand harsh conditions

Accelerate business growth and expansion


Delivering business growth timely & efficiently

Leasing Out Greenfield Areas

Auditing Towers, Cells, Antennas And Other Network Products

Deploying Network Products On Rooftops Sites

Testing The Products’ Quality Of Performance And Maximizing Their Potential

Monitoring Productivity And Fixing Any Issues Instantly

Rooftop Wireless Cell Sites

Strengthen network coverage in congested areas


We Bring in Stronger Network Connection

Throughout our 38+ years of operation, we’ve been able to collaborate with the strongest telecom partners to deliver state-often-art network solutions  to our clients, in order to expand their business and open new opportunities in their niches.

Our expert team helps you install cells, microcells, and antennas on rooftop sites for cellular expansion without the need to build dedicated areas from scratch which might cost you more time, effort, and expenses. Rooftop cells are quicker to be deployed and ensure that your connectivity is stronger in populated urban and suburban areas.

Build cells in less time & costs

Ensure more uptime

Work with certified engineers

High-quality network products & solutions


Cell on Wheel (C.O.W) Services

Boost your cellular network with portable towers


Major Middle East GSM operators have gained substantial traffic by deploying MOSECO
Cell-On-Wheel (COW) towers


We provide turn-key cell-on-wheel services that are tailored around your needs, from engineering and planning to complete filed services. Our cells on wheel services are delivered to help you optimize your coverage and connectivity for immediate implementation, unlike traditional cell site building.

MOSECO COWs have proven to be a high-quality product and could operate in harsh environmen­tal conditions including war zones and in some cases the product could withstand a wind speed of 160 MPS

Reliable & flexible solution


Rapid delivery of service