Smart Metering Solution

Market-specific smart meter systems for different applications

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Smart Energy Metering Solution

We deliver state-of-the-art smart metering systems that can be used to manage energy distribution effectively, giving you better control which is translated into higher revenue and operational efficiency. Throughout our 38+ years of work, we have managed to partner up with the most powerful companies to supply our clients with reliable smart meters that can give you real-time picture of power consumption.

Smart Water Metering Solution

Wireless Remote Reading Solution offers our customer reliable remote meter reading solutions with accurate measuring. Utility no longer need to send engineers on site to read the meter manually. With wireless technology, meter data is upstream to server automatically on each billing date. On this solution, utility save significant expenditure on installation cost, meter reading labor cost, and avoiding the mistake meter reading. This solution is widely used in worldwide on various types of meters.

Smart Cities Solution

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Smart City

A smart city is an urban development using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) to provide useful information to effectively manage resources and assets. This includes data collected from citizens and mechanical devices, that are processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transport systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste disposal, etc. Also called eco-city or sustainable city, the smart city aims to improve the quality of urban services or reduce its costs. It stands out for its specificities: smart management, lifestyle, mobility, housing, as well as a smart economy. Their main goal is to reconcile technological innovation with the economic, social and ecological challenges of the city of tomorrow. Their leitmotiv is the quality of life: how to live better together while respecting our environment.


Smart Home

We Offer Our Clients A Range Of Smart Solutions To Make Their Homes More Comfortable And Safe. You Can Control Your Home Remotely, Using Smart Phones, Computers, Tablets, And More. MOSECO Provides Easy-To-Use Systems With Friendly Interface That Enable Users To Control Their Home Efficiently And Effortlessly.

  • Customize Your Solution
  • Gain Full Control From Anywhere
  • Set Your Mind At Peace


Instant Alerts &

Get real-time alerts on your smart phone regarding any unauthorized movements inside your home.

Home &

We provide personalized home solutions that can be tailored and automated according to your needs.

Keep in the know &
anywhere you go

You can control and monitor your home from afar, using your smart phone, computer, laptop, etc.

Lighting &

Manage your lighting system with few clicks from wherever you are

Control with &
your voice

Interact with your home, using just your voice. We bring you brilliant technologies for your peace of mind

Home &

Control your home network and make sure that all the devices are enjoying robust connection

Make Your Home Smarter & Safer

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