Solar system installation

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power present the greatest promise for a green power gene ration that can be renewed indefinitely without polluting the environment. To avert the dangers of global warming and reduce pollution, countries a round the world a re increasingly turning to these clean and safe energy sources

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PV cleaning system installation

Bazy PV Cleaning Is a unique technique for automatic cleaning of solar panels powered by advanced water engineering. Reduce dirt, increase energy production and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Our 38+ years of experience have given us the know-how and expertise to understand your business requirements; and tailor solutions that fit within your business plan to achieve outstanding levels of success.

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Maintenance & Monitoring

All Solar PV makes, and models
Complete Diagnostics
Expert Solar Panel Repair
Ongoing Solar Panel Maintenance
System Updates & Monitoring
Ensure that your panels achieve and maintain optimal output
If we detect an issue, we address it promptly with any service or repairs it may need
Real-time data on your system’s solar production

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