Spectrum Monitoring Solutions

Harness the power of IoT & geolocation intelligence to have better spectrum managing and monitoring

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We have a team of certified and qualified technicians and engineers who are ready to collaborate with you to assess, evaluate, and plan for revolutionizing your telco systems through enabling IoT technology. Our years of practical experience and know-how for more than 38 years have enabled us to provide turnkey solutions, executed timely and professionally through cohesive project management.

Analyze Spectrum with High Speed & Resolution

We provide modern and advanced hardware and software solutions to manage RF spectrum and send real-time data, including signal analysis, geo-location details, and interference identification. Our spectrum monitoring solutions enable operators to have powerful knowledge to help in securing, optimizing, and expanding network infrastructure.

Detect signals of interest with high-speed

Use powerful geo-location algorithms to get accurate data

Monitor & protect large building and areas, as well as, valuable assets